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tSmart BI Service

Business Intelligence inside GoldMine for Integrated Accounting and ERP Systems


tSmart BI Service:

tSmart BI Service is a full suite of components to bring your GoldMine CRM system to the next level of Team productivity.

  • Accounting or ERP System Data Integration

No BI Suite could even begin to operate without first integrating and properly cleansing your data.  Using our advanced SystemPlugin data integration platform, our tSmart BI Service can work with virtually any Accounting or ERP Systems.  Our technical staff is highly experienced in integrating often complex Accounting and ERP data in to GoldMine.  While we take care of the hard part of data integration your staff will realize all the benefits of a enterprise-class integrated GoldMine CRM system.
  • GoldMine CRM Dashboard Suite

We've built out a suite of GoldMine dashboards designed from the ground up to take advantage of the data newly integrated form your Accounting or ERP system.  Each dashboard has been carefully designed to cater directly to the needs of the end user, including Sales People, Sales Managers and other Business Executives.  It permits your entire Sales Team  to gain valuable insights when working with their leads, other prospects and existing customer-base.  tSmart Team focuses in on the needs of busy Sales Managers and other executives who need to see the "big picture". 
The tSmart Dashboards bring sales teams critical data they need to work their pipeline effectively, by using existing GoldMine data as well as integrated ERP and financial data brought in with tStreet SystemPlugin. You can quickly access information about related contracts, profit margins, automated multi-tier customer classifications, customer on-site equipment, predictive analysis on ordering, or other sales behaviors.  These tools finally make it possible to find potential opportunities in time to act on them without even opening another application.
  • Reporting: SQL Server Reporting Services 

We've even built out related Business Review reporting capabilities using SQL Server Reporting Services.  You can view report data on-screen, in exported PDF, HTML or Excel formats.
  • Prospecting Task Automation

Task Automation for Sales People is key for success.  tSmart provides assistive tools to automate common repetitive tasks to help ensure a highly efficient and effective system for managing their pool of prospects.   tSmart Team also helps sales managers assess the productivity of the sales team, and ensure that everyone is taking the appropriate steps to maintain customers and convert prospects.  Management can compare performance by margin or by activity, check trends in sales company wide by comparing to past history, or incentivize individual sales members.   Monitor your business intelligently with tSmart.

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Next Steps:

With our dashboards, your business information is easy to access, but what you do with that information is the real key to boosting sales.  Fuel the engine of your tSmart Dashboards with our specialized sales processes.  Easy to implement from day one with your team, tSmart processes ensure consistent followup and remedy common sales pitfalls.  

  • Sales Pipeline Process with Prospecting Toolbar
  • New Customer Welcome Process
  • Retention & Loyalty Processes

Need a little something special for your company?  We can design a process just for you that reflects your business unique selling propositions.  Contact us to get started!

1) tStreet SystemPlugin 2013 (in order to access ERP and financial data)

2) GoldMine:

  • GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.6 or newer

  • GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 or newer.


Samples of mytSmart views:

myContactFinder for GoldMine CRM  myRecentInvoices for GoldMine CRM  myCustomersGMP for GoldMine CRM 

Samples of tSmartTeam views:

team Activity Summary for GoldMine CRM Contract Sales Analysis for GoldMine CRM Executive Summary (view 1) for GoldMine CRM 

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THE Constant Contact Dashboard for GoldMine

 Constant Contact for GoldMine Connect activity within your marketing campaigns to sales activity in your GoldMine contacts - and - Use tSmart's Lead Scoring feature to give your sales team timely intelligence about which prospects are ready for followup.

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