Sunday, January 19, 2020

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CRM and Business Systems Training

IT Training for CRM best practices

Training for the Win

CRM systems are implemented to help businesses improve the quality of service they provide to customers, to streamline internal processes and also to improve the quality of management information. To meet these goals-- the people, the process, and the technology must all be in harmony. 

All of our trainers draw upon their experience as both as GoldMine users and GoldMine developers to bring your employees real-world workflow strategies to produce more meaningful outcomes.  Your staff needs an understanding of how their customized database will actually work, not a generic pitch about the latest CRM functions and features.

Professional Onsite Sessions

Host individual or group sessions at your location and your convenience, and let our team work with you in person to accommodate your training needs. We can tailor the content to your specific data and level of expertise.  

While so much can be done remotely, the level of mutual understanding that comes from face to face communication, and we've found that staff ask questions more easily in person.

This option is great for fresh installs or overhauls that would benefit from starting your workforce on the right path, with minimal downtime and frustration.

Train the Trainer

Already have in-house IT experts?  Excellent!  Give them the up-to date information to support your team with our Train The Trainer program.   

All your Trainers will be tStreet Certified, and after completion of our program they'll feel confident to teach your staff the details and best practices for your customized GoldMine database and plugins. This strategy reduces the disruptions associated with training staff members on a larger scale, and empowers you to adopt a long term solution for teaching new hires internally.

In-house Trainers are great  resources for all the day-to-day issues that can crop up, and their expertise makes them the perfect liaison with your tStreet Support representative for upgrades and larger projects.

Webinars and Screencasts

In preparation for your screencast, our instructors will have a preliminary conversation with your representative to gain insight into backgrounds and roles of attendees, your desired outcome for the training, and any special areas of emphasis.

The focus of our training is then tailored to your audience, and participants can ask questions online.  This is a great low cost option for companies who have a remote workforce, or who'd like to break up training into shorter sessions.

We also hold free weekly webinars on a number of hot topics including sales force solutions, email marketing, and real-time data integration. Our monthly newsletter contains the upcoming webinar topics, GoldMine tips and other news.