Sunday, January 19, 2020

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tStreet Consulting Services

The tStreet Consulting team is seasoned and ready to find you solutions that fit your needs. From support and installation, to development and cloud services, you can look to us for high quality and value consulting services.

GoldMine Installation and Upgrades

Trying to install any new or upgrading an existing critical business application on your own can be a daunting and undertaking. Call on us for our expertise in ensuring a smooth and successful new GoldMine installation or upgrade project.

tSmart BI Service

A full suite Business Intelligence service for GoldMine CRM.  Integrate your ERP or Accounting system data directly in to GoldMine for deep client and prospect insights.  Data integration, dashboards, reporting, task automation, all built-in for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your GoldMine CRM Team.  Handles needs for both management and front end sales team members.  Gives more direct control and analysis of for your Prospects and Clients. 

Cloud Hosting

We offer professional services to migrate your GoldMine and other applications into the cloud. We help take the mystery out of the cloud and get your business moving upward into the cloud. Contact us today to find out how we can help take you there.

Private Clouds are an ideal way for businesses to achieve scalability, performance and manageability. Call us today to find out if it your business could benefit from moving to the cloud.

Training Services

Training Services

Getting your staff the proper training on critical business applications is just as important as selecting the right application in the first place.  We offer a range of training options for GoldMine which can be tailored fit to the needs of your users.

  • Not quite ready for a full onsite training course for your or your users?  No problem. We offer great training webinars which can be accessed by a single user or a room full of users. From books to videos, we offer the materials and resources you need to help you quickly achieve the results you seek from GoldMine.
  • Experience the ultimate in training for end users: On-site training gives you the ability to have direct interaction with the trainer. 
  • Already have a designated staffer adept at training end users?  Super! Update their skillset anytime  with our Train the Trainer program.

Support Services

We know that no single support plan can match the needs of all customer goals which is why we have multiple support offerings.

  • Looking for pro-active GoldMine technical services?  Take a look at our premium care option.
  • Want to be able to call on us regularly and get discounted pricing?  Check out the tFlex plan: