Sunday, January 19, 2020

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GoldMine Voice Solutions


Make calls with GoldMine Voice

Integrated Telephony Solutions for GoldMine

Designed to work with your existing phone systems, GoldMine Voice provides a comprehensive solution for customer relationship management that aligns inbound and outbound calls with customer history and information.

GoldMine Voice includes advanced, software-based IP telephony with IVR, ACD, Call Recording, Unified Messaging, Auto Attendants, inbound and outbound productivity applications, and easy manageability.

Inbound Calls and Customer Service

Intelligently distributes calls to GoldMine users using information contained in GoldMine about the customer, or based on availability. Customer data pops up automatically for your employee to preview before taking the call. GoldMine Voice can record calls and attach voicemail messages to the customer record, making callbacks easier and more reliable.

Outbound Calls and Marketing Campaigns

GoldMine Voice leverages the Campaign module, adding advanced quick dialing, outbound scripting, and activity completion. Because the target contacts and reporting are all integrated, the relevant data is captured with minimal data entry for efficient execution and maximum yield.

Support for Remote Users

Remote GoldMine users can work as efficiently as if they were in the main office. Using voice over IP extensions, remote users have access to all of the features and capabilities of the GoldMine Voice Solution by using high-speed Internet connections from virtually anywhere.


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