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Unlock the Power of the GoldMine API

Posted on 10/28/2014 by Stephanie Arnett in sales process GoldMine CRM ERP integration goldmine api goldmine customization

One of the principal benefits of a CRM system like Goldmine is that it can be configured for your unique process and sales needs either with your in-house team, or through your GoldMine Partner. These long-standing relationships are work well for support and upgrades since you’d be dealing with someone familiar with your customizations and process. And, unlike cloud systems where feature changes and UI updates occur automatically, with GoldMine you are always in control of when to upgrade and what version works best for your team.

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Limit Errors with Dependent Lookup Lists

Posted on 9/23/2014 by Stephanie Arnett

While not the sexiest of features on the surface of things, creating lookup lists that are dependent on an entry in another field can simplify day to day tasks for sales and decrease the likelihood of any idiosyncratic habits clouding up the database.

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Using GoldMine for Marketing Automation

Posted on 8/22/2014 by Stephanie Arnett

Technology allows marketers to develop a comprehensive strategy and analyze real-time return on investment. One stumbling block on the road to implementing this new methodology can be the temptation to cobble together a variety of services and platforms without considering how data will reach the employees in your organization who need access to it. A well organized GoldMine database can be used as a marketing automation system with a bit of planning and expertise.

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Does GoldMine Integrate with Quickbooks? You Betcha.

Posted on 7/15/2014 by Stephanie Arnett in Quickbooks ERP integration

Quickbooks is the industry leader in accounting software, and an essential tool for many small businesses. tStreet's SystemPlugin makes GoldMine CRM integration with Quickbooks so easy and reliable.

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New Unified Prospect Manager

Posted on 4/22/2014 by Paul Rogers

tStreet has released an updated version of its tSmart product that includes major new enhancements to its Prospect Manager.

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